Parody? Doctored?

If you’re reading this, you’ve heard the nickname (at this point a term), “Sleepy Joe”, which reflects the many many moments where Joe Biden looked / acted too sleepy for the Job.

Here is a compilation if you’ve not seen it all (though the list is not updated because Joe Biden keeps on giving).

Let’s start with original footage:

On April 29, 2020 Joe Biden, on a livestream conversation with Hillary Clinton seemed to be falling asleep. It quickly went viral and died out after a couple of days.

And here is the footage of a news anchor who reacts to a guest who is sleeping on live TV:

When I saw the original video of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton months ago, I downloaded the video in case I get an idea to make it more hilarious than it already was and a couple of days ago I randomly saw this on YouTube:

What inspired me to mix the anchor’s reaction with Joe Biden’s footage?

Short answer: My imagination.

Here is my version of the videos mixed together:

I uploaded the video on Twitter, and replied to one of the first responses, explaining how it was made:

Then it began

In the beginning, most of the responses were positive with people having a laugh, most users could figure that the video was a parody and some were confused, though I had already tweeted my disclaimer in the video thread so I knew those interested in the legitimacy of the video would read it.

And then Blue Checks took over and surprisingly the first one was:

The Blue Check power quickly changed the narrative of the parody and just like that it became national news.

Only one of the reporters that reached out to me, included my disclaimer on their article. The others either didn’t read my disclaimer in the thread, or they did, but ignored it.

Minutes after the reporters reached, YouTube removed the video because “inappropriate content” (Really?), Instagram put a Fact Check label on it, Twitter labeled it as “Manipulated Media” and Facebook appears to be blocking it for some users.

So yes, I made the MSM to talk about something (Sleepy Joe) that they didn’t seem to like to talk about and the fact that they focused so much on this parody shows that as a user quoted: “the truth is not far from fiction.”

UPDATE: Today (April 3th) I was lucky to get a chance to talk to Joe Biden over FaceTime, after all this went down, here is the conversation:

This is also available on: